Bogen deserves high praise for stepping into the role of Frankie Valli on short notice and offering a convincing imitation of his distinctive voice
— Twin Cities Pioneer Press
Bogen’s performance captures Frankie Valli’s iconic voice.
— Twin Cities Arts Reader
Bogen is a little powerhouse who can handle drama as well as scales.
— Calgary Herald
The four leads are all wonderful, including understudy Ben Bogen, infusing Frankie with a lot of heart (if not the prettiest falsetto I’ve ever heard)
— Cherry and Spoon
Bogen plays Valli with careful tentativeness, turning from the shy teenager into the big-name star that he was once known as, never failing to nail those impressive, ear-blasting high notes as seen in The Four Seasons hit “Sherry” very quickly early in the musical.
— The Stanford Daily
Bogen, like Valli before him, has the voice of an angel. He slides flawlessly into the group chemistry between the boys and leads the pack with his golden falsetto.
— Aisle Say